Introduction to TALLY | What is Tally | Why It is used.


Are you afraid of Tally or you have learned it from any center and still you are not able to do Tally. Or else you are not a commerce Student and is your math is weak? First remove all this things from your mind and read this article to know the full introduction of tally, why Tally is used, How to use Tally. You will definitely get to know that Tally is so easy.

Introduction of Tally

 Tally is accounting software where you calculate all the transaction of a business. In early time this calculation is done by noting down all the transaction in the diary, copies, registers etc. But now in digital age all this Transaction are Recorded in Tally software. Tally software is easy to use even if you are not from commerce background or your maths is weak then also you can learn this software. Simply you have to understand which account will be feed at the particular transaction.

In Simple Words, you have to make a particular account for each transaction like in your house milkman transaction, electricity bill transaction, tuition fees transaction. All this calculation you made write this in your kahatabook. Tally is also like that just you have to type the transaction at their perfect place.

Why Tally is better than old System

In old time, to calculate and record all the transaction of a business required a lot time and more resources. The person who maintained all the transaction has to calculate all amounts manually. Sometime there is a mistake while calculating the amount and also he/she has to make a bill manually to be given to the buyer and seller. But in Tally software you just have to type the entries and all the calculation will be automatic done. All Bills are generated automatically you just have to print and the bills and give to the buyer or seller. In tally you have to do just 10% of the work and rest of the 90% will be done automatically by the Tally software.

Tally Rules and Regulation

Now you know that Tally is amazing and easy software. But to do the entries you have to understand the rules and regulation of the entries like voucher entries, bank entries, transport entries, sales and purchase entries, sale on credit entries and many more. Once you understand all this term then you are all set to start doing tally.

Benefit of Tally

Once you have learned Tally all function and how its work then this skill will help you to earn money. You will definitely get a job in any shop or business for doing tally because tally is almost used at every place. You can easily earn from Rs. 7000 to Rs. 10000 by doing Tally as a part time jobs.

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