Investing in Stock Markets 2019 Question Papers | Gauhati University | B.Com 1st Sem

 Gauhati University Question Papers

Investing in stock markets’ 2019

(Honours Generic)

Paper: COM-GE-1046 (B)

1. Answer the following as directed:       1x10=10

(a) “The basic objective of investor is to minimize the risk and maximize the return on investment.” Write whether the statement is true of false.

(b) In India, Mutual fund scheme was started in:

i) 1964

ii) 1987

iii) 1992

iv) None of the above    (Choose the correct alternative)

(c) Which of the following is not associated with the open-ended mutual fund?

i) It has a fixed maturity period.

ii) The investors can subscribe their fund at any time.

iii) It provides prompt liquidity to investors.

iv) The investors have an option to redeem their holding at any time.     (Choose the correct alternative)

(d) Which of the following is the oldest stock exchange of India?

i) Calcutta stock exchange

ii) Ahmadabad stock exchange

iii) Bombay stock exchange

iv) Gauhati stock exchange          (Choose the correct alternative)

(e) Who is the regulatory authority of Indian Stock Market?

Ans. SEBI is the regulatory authority of Indian Stock Market.

(f) Which of the following is related in case of market order of investor?

i) To buy shares at lowest possible price.

ii) To sale shares at highest possible price.

iii) Both i) and ii)

iv) None of the above    (Choose the correct alternative)

(g) Write the full form of CRISIL.

Ans: Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited

(h) Which of the following is the feature of derivative?

i) It is an instrument whose value depends upon the value of some underlying assets.

ii) It arises out of contract between two parties.

iii) It may be financial or commodity derivatives.

iv) All of the above                          (Choose the correct alternative)

(i) Security market is a market for equity, debts and derivatives.” This statement is:

i) True

ii) False

(j) Liquidity ratio of a company basically consists of:

i) Current ratio

ii) Liquid ratio

iii) Both i) and ii)

iv) None of the above    (Choose the correct alternative)

2. Answer the following questions in about 50 words each:          2x5=10

(a) Give the meaning of investment.

Ans. For answer visit here

(b) What is online trading of stock?

(c) Define NAV.

(d) What is commodity derivatives?

(e) Give an idea of primary market.

3. Answer any four questions of the following in about 150 words each:                                5x4=20

a) Explain the procedure of buying and selling of securities in the stock market.

b) Mention the four ratios generally used by investors to evaluate the performance of a company.

c) Write a short note on the history of mutual fund.

Ans. For answer visit here

d) Describe the factors affecting the choice of mutual fund.

e) Briefly explain the participants of derivative market.

 Ans. Visit here for the Answer on participants of derivative market

f) Write an explanatory note on the following:

Load and no-load mutual funds



4. Answer the following questions in about 600 words each:                        4x10=40

(a) What is meant by mutual fund? Explain its advantages and disadvantages.    2+8

Ans. For Full Answer on mutual fund and its advantages and disadvantages Read this page


Explain four types of instruments that are used in investment of fund.                  10

(b) Discuss in detail the functions of capital market.                         10


Explain the various tools used for the analysis in the future prospect of a company.         10

(c) In which year SEBI came into effect? Also point out the principal functions of SEBI.     2+8=10

Ans.  visit here for the answer


Distinguish between:                     5+5=10

i) Open-ended mutual fund and closed-ended mutual fund

Ans. Visit here for the Answer of this Question

ii) Limit order and Market order

(d) What is meant by forward contract? Also point out the difference between forward contract and future contract. 4+6=10

Ans. visit here for the Answer of this Questions


Write note on any two of the following:                                5x2=10

i) Benefits of credit rating

ii) Common mistakes while investing

iii) The role of broker in stock market

iv) Price earnings ratio