How much Money is needed to start investing in Stock Market?


Everybody want's to Earn Money from Stock Market but they don't know how much Money is needed to start investing in Stock Market? Before you Know the exact amount of money you need for investment, you have to understand that there are two type of Investors

The first type is Trading for part time or a hobby First category is, people who want to learn trading and do this as part time business

The second type is taking trading as a means of living, which means relying on trading as one's only source of monthly income.

This type of Questions are asked by many beginners who are excited to earn money from stock market. If your question is similar to that then today you will get a proper knowledge of stock market

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As a beginner How much money is needed to start investing in stock market 

In simple word, you can start your investment with less than 10 Rs and Max. depend upon how much percentage of money you would like to spend. But if you want to make a Good Profit then you have to invest higher amount of money because if you purchase 1 share of Rs 10 and sell the share at Rs 20 then you will make a profit of Rs 10 only. If you invest a higher amount example :- this time you purchase 100 share at Rs 10 and sell the share at Rs 20 then you make a profit of  1000 Rs.

According to my experience you can Start investment with just Rs 1000 for learning purpose. First you have to understand how the stock market work if you blindly invest your money then you will lost all of your money.

Knowledge is Power

The First mistake traders make that they invest there money in any stock without the proper analysis of the share and the result of that, they lost their money, also sometimes people get afraid of the stock market, they think if they invest again then this time also all of there money will be lost. So, knowledge is power - if you really want to make some money in stock then you must have proper knowledge about trading and how market and institution works because your amount is always at risk. There are so many things you need to learn about trading You cannot just enter into market and make profits, you need lots and lots of experience and practices For that, you need to learn about market and analyze and practice.

Take stock market as a business, If you want to start any business then first you have understand the business properly then you can start investing your capital in that business to make profit. 

If you don't have time for learning all this thing then you can shift to Mutual Fund
There are two ways which you can use to analysis the stocks:- 
  • Technical analysis 
  • Fundamental analysis

After completing all that,  You need to practice and check whether you are getting profits or Not. If one trade earns you profit, it doesn't mean all the trade will give your profit It takes time, It will take lots and lots of time and it requires patience. Mastery in Trading doesn't happen in a single day. Until then just invest small amount of money in stock market and Try to make consistent profit. If you are able to make consistent profit for 3 month then now you are ready to invest higher amount from 50k to 1lakh. 

So, how much money is needed to start investing in stock market? - decide the percentage of returns you need every month and plan your investment accordingly. once you had a good experience and knowledge about the market then you can easily make money in stock market. There are five types of market in which market should you invest

According to me,

Try to Invest 20% of money from your saving to stock market. Don't invest your all money at one stock only, try to distributed your money at different stock -  you must know  about risk management. Always Keep a low expectation of return like 5% to 7% because we never know what sudden changes can come into market.  

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